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Get On Top

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Get on top is a fantastic fun-filled two player game. The strategy of the game is to get your opponent crashing to the ground head first. To do so, you have to jump, using either the W key or up-arrow key. For every opponent’s crash, you earn a point. The player to accumulate 11 points first wins the game. The game is a simple as that. To win, you have to develop the right strategy and make smart moves. If you play trial and error, you are likely to end up losing. The simplicity of the game makes it ideal for everyone, young and old. You can pass time the fun way by playing it with boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also pass good time and connect with your child or younger siblings by playing it. You need to first explain to them how the game goes. After a few plays, they will have fully mustered it. They will be like wrestling you virtually. Nothing gives youngsters a natural high and excites them more than winning against adults. The game is interactive and the mix of color attractive. Scores for the left and right players are recorded on top end screen. For the right player, they are shown on the right hand side, top end, and top left corner for the left player. The game ‘tells’ you the player wins the game (the first to accumulate 11 points). After the game is ended, you play the next game/level by pressing the P key. Each game/level has a different background color. Many people love playing games with sound. The get on top game enhances your gaming experience, by incorporating a funny gaming sound. Winning the game goes beyond using the W and up arrow key. To prevent your opponent from getting on top of you and crushing your head to the ground, you can either use the left or right arrow/WASD keys to make a right or a left move.

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